Most people know cannabidiol (CBD) because it is legal in most countries. CBD is known to have medicinal properties that can treat many illnesses and health problems. However, there are new cannabinoids that rival CBD in terms of efficacy. Delta-8-THC is not as potent as the hugely popular Delta-9-THC – is sold legally in most states.

Marijuana and hemp are the same plants, but hemp is defined as a marijuana plant that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. Hemp is used in everything from clothing to food to CBD. But many people draw the line between cannabis and its psychoactive effects.

Delta-8 THC is in a phase where it is the most exciting and potent product in the hemp industry today. Delta-8, a cousin of Delta-9 THC, the main ingredient in cannabis, is sold nationwide thanks to an exception to the marijuana laws set out in the 2018 Farm Bill that legalize cannabinoids made from hemp.

According to the analysis, Delta-8 products seem to be everywhere.  Cannabis industry supporters warn this is a grey area that can change, and cannabis industry trade groups are opposed to Delta-8 sales.

The Delta-8 THC market may not be as hot as cryptocurrency Bitcoin that hit 60000 USD today, but there are signs that Delta-8 may catch up with other trends like CBD or nicotine vaping.

Cultivar Oregon is a pioneer in this industry & according to their experts, here are the 5 advantages of the Delta-8 THC products.

1. Calming Effect

Many cannabis smokers use the flowers for recreational purpose & that makes them high. The prominent cannabinoid of cannabis, Delta-9 THC, is potent and produces a mind high that some people don’t like. It also has various side effects such as malaise, delusional disorder, anxiety, and sometimes psychosis.

Researchers believe that Delta-8 THC is about half as potent as Delta-9 THC, and some researchers say that some Delta-8 THC buds are only 10% potency & this gives you calm &* peaceful experience.

If you don’t like the intense high of marijuana, the Delta 8 THC flowers are for you. Besides, the use of Delta-8 THC keeps you focused and eliminates the side effects of marijuana.

2. Effective Antiemetic

Delta-8 THC is an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting. The role of THC in the prevention of vomiting is not a new science. Scientific evidence shows that Delta-9THC is effective in relieving nausea and stopping vomiting. The problem with Delta-9 THC was the psychotropic aspect.

Delta-8 has similar properties to Delta-9THC but has lower psychotropic power, making it more suitable for nausea treatment. Researchers have tested it in children with cancer and found that it relieves nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

3. Stimulates Appetite

Researchers believe that the efficacy of Delta-8THC is maybe twice as strong as that of Delta-9THC. They know that marijuana stimulates the appetite, but Delta 8 THC is still great for stimulating appetite and regulating nutrient absorption. The advantage of Delta-8 THC is that it requires very low doses to significantly impact appetite.

4. It Helps you Relax

Studies by the National Cancer Institute have shown that Delta-8-THC has similar anxiolytic effects to Delta-9-THC. You should see it as something you feel comfortable with at the same time. Delta-8 THC works like a regular THC in many ways. It has a calming effect, but it is not a psychotropic drug.

Delta-8 THC has a more comprehensive therapeutic range and more psychoactive properties. Researchers believe that Delta-8 THC can be administered at high doses without causing fear or other THC side effects.

5. Pain Reliever

Many people look for Delta-8 THC flowers for their pain-relieving properties. Recent studies have shown that Delta-8 THC can alleviate chronic pain. Chronic pain is primarily due to inflammation and often occurs with symptoms such as Alzheimer’s.

Research on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is effective in central and neuropathic pain. THC has anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate the causes of pain. It also regulates serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate. These hormones and neurotransmitters regulate communication between cells. Hence, THC also relieves pain by decreasing the perception of pain.

What’re your thoughts?

If you are a lousy smoker, there are other ways to take Delta-8 THC. You can use our high-quality Delta 8 THC infused products in the form of

We are looking out for traits such as:

  • D8 Vape Cartridges

  • D8 Hemp Slabs

  • D8 Hemp Moon Rocks

  • D8 Hemp Flowers

The aim is to include it in the system.

Delta-8 THC is also legal in many states and countries where cannabis/hemp and CBD flowers are legal.



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