The principal traits to become a Pheno Hunter

A prosperous grower knows that to pass the desired genetic traits of a plant to the next generation, they must detach them as principal traits in their seeds.

Sorting this difficult subject a little, what pheno hunters are learning are two different factors: the plant’s genotype and its phenotype. The genotype includes all of the genetic factors in the plant’s DNA that dictate what it could have been. The phenotype includes what the plant is — its smell, erection, color, taste, strength, and yield. In other words, the genotype of a plant is the roulette wheel of opportunities, and the phenotype is where the ball landed.

Ecological elements are the decisive force in a plant’s phenotype. Take an alike seed and grow it indoors vs. outdoors, or in an altered soil sort or amount of shade or moisture, and the ultimate result can be tremendously different.

Pheno-Hunting And Cultivation:

The secret to guaranteeing that the best DNAs are delivered from generation to generation, as any prosperous grower knows, is pheno-hunting.

Pheno hunting is the art of endeavoring for consistency by isolating seeds with the desired principal traits. Take Banana Kush, for example. This strain is a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, and in a sample of Banana Kush seeds, each seed will yield a distinct balance of traits between its parents. One seed might lean more heavily toward Ghost OG, while another might lean more heavily toward Skunk Haze, while yet another will express random traits of both.

As pheno hunters, our job is to discover the seeds that express the traits we desire.

How Does The Process Of Pheno-Hunting Work?

As it’s impossible to differentiate one seed from the other, they need to be and grow before the process of elimination can commence.

We start by labeling the seed with a number or letter, so each plant can be effortlessly recognized as it starts to mature. Following the plant’s growth, we record remarks in a journal, taking note of how proficiently it grows.

Ultimately, we can isolate the male plants from the females. If looking for a definite gender, this narrows things down considerably. At this point, we take copies off of the selected gender to preserve its genetics.

We are looking out for traits such as:

  • Growth structure: The plant’s height, mass, figure, thickness, and root power

  • Hardiness: The plant’s response to temperatures, the requirement of water, confrontation to decay and pests, and whole strength

  • Terpene profile: The aroma arising from each flower

  • Appearance: The buds’ color and erection

  • Trichomes: Either gangly with small heads or short-stalked with fatheads

  • Peak maturity: How early the plant is set for yield

When the time comes to yield, dry, and cure the cannabis, we narrow the sample down further by evaluating each completed product. Once we’ve selected one or two picks, we go back to the matching clones, throw the rest, and we will start a new batch cloning from the seeds that we selected as keepers for our facility.

In Momentum we strive for the best quality possible, that’s why we train our customers to develop a proper pheno hunting program, with this your business will be secured with the best cultivars that you can possibly have.



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